What does it mean
to be a U2 fan?

A lot of things.. and it is normally expressed in fanatical ways, ranging from collecting posters, magazines, other things. Some go as far as getting tattoos in homage to the band.. some just make it known on their car.

This site is dedicated to U2 fans and their license plates.
  Known Plates: 187
  • Name of Owner with a N/A denotes the owner did not want to be identified.
  • Plates with ???? as the name were spotted plates without knowing the person owning them. 
  • If you would like to submit your own plate, please email [email protected], feel free to include a picture if you want.

There are currently 187 known plates listed. This page was last updated:
July 15, 2008

This list is sorted by Location.

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Plate Name State (or location) Name of Owner
1U2FAN Arizona Laurie
U2 FLY Arizona Frankie
U2 FAN2 Arizona Erika Finch-McCaffery
ATYCLB Arizona N/A
U2 LOVE Arizona Valerie Murphy
ELV8SHN Arizona Danny Lanois
ONE U2 Arizona N/A
U2VRTGO Arizona N/A
ZUROPA Arizona N/A
U2LUVR Australia, Victoria mysterious jen
UTW-OOO Australia NicStar
U2 AFFA California Affa
U2 FNATK California Adam
I2LUVU2 California Missa
U2 ROCK California Peggy Graham
ANCTDBH California Eilis
U2GIRL California JewlsDeluexe
BONOVOX California Michael Cummins
BTFLDAY California Charlene Estrada 
BOOMCHA California Mr. BAW
CATDUBH California Gibigiane
I U2YAY California Patrick Zuniga
U2MOZOM California ????
STAYU2 California ????
RQN 2 U2 California Susie
U2 ROXS California Karen
4U2LIV8 California U2PartyGirl
U2 ROCS California Lisa Manly
U2 ROKS California Dana
U21REM2 California Patrick Perez
U24ME California ????
U2BELLA California ????
U2BABY California Anish
BELARU2 California Art Campos
u2bmrr California Robert Santillan
U2NUMB California Ryan Connolly
DSIREU2 California ????
U2RULES California ????
U2LV8ME California Sicy
EDGE 2U California N/A
U2PHANES California ????
U2VTGO California Roby
U2THEFLY California Mark
U2 BONO Colorado Nico
U2ROXUS Colorado ????
LOVEU*2 Connecticut Heidi Dutton
EDGE U2 Florida N/A
U2 GOD Florida Alex Fedorowych (old plate #1, #2)
U2 AB Florida Daniel Garcia
BONO 45 Florida Bo
U2 EDGE Georgia Jason Schoellen
U2ONE Georgia Jason Schoellen (old)
U2 Georgia ????
B1ONO Hampshire, UK Lynn
U2 8ONO Great Britain Graham
BONOVOX Illinois Steve and Leslie
IRISH U2 Illinois Laura
ABIU2 Illinois Angie
U2 ONE Illinois Kiki
IRL U2 Illinois Nicole Ferguson
ISHQ U2 Illinois Anita
LEVATU2 Illinois Wes
METBONO Illinois ????
LGKFRU2 Illinois Christy
ZOO TV 8 Illinois Lance
ZUROPA Illinois Tara Payne
ANTNGBB Iowa Missy
BONO VOX Indiana Marissa
U2FREAK Maine Donna Cole
U2 SOUL Maryland ????
U2 1 Maryland ????
ILOVEU2 Maryland Martin Sullivan
U2 BOY Maryland Phil Romans
U2GROOV Maryland Ruby
CRZY 4 U2 Maryland Lisa
U2HEAVN Maryland Karen
U2Lemon Maryland Megan Wilson
ZOOROPA Maryland Gibigiane
U2 1980  Massachusetts N/A
ILUVU2 Massachusetts Suzen
LRYMLN Massachusetts N/A
UTWO 1 Massachusetts TC
VERTGO Massachusetts Jason Royal
LUVSU2 Massachusetts N/A
ACHT BBY Michigan 'Spanish Eyes'
ZOOROPA Michigan N/A
U2 ROX Michigan Renee VanKeulen
LOVE U2 Michigan Beth
ILOVEU2 Mississippi ????
BONO JR Missouri  Justin
U2U2U2 Missouri  N/A
LOVE U2 Montana Amy
U2 FAN New Hampshire ????
ONEU2 New Hampshire N/A
U2 BEAL New Jersey Lindsey
U2ZOOTV New Jersey Tony Russo
PITNOL New Jersey Lisa Welch
ATYCLB1 New York Judy
U2UNFIRE New York Trey Lockhart
U2UN4GFR New York Noreen
U2POPTRT New York Mishka
ONE4U2 New York ????
U EDGE 2 New York N/A
U2 1LOVE New York Diana
U2 ROCKS New York ????
U2TATTOO New York Dan
U24EVER New York N/A
WAR U2 New York
Tim Mulcock
ZOOROPA1 New York Lynn Edelstein
0 U2 0 New Zealand Scott Cleaver
LEV8ME New Zealand Claire Ziegler
U2 NZ New Zealand Mike Vaney
U2 BOY New Zealand Gene
U2EDGE Nevada John Allen
U2 FAN North Carolina Debbie Hensley
U2- EDGE North Carolina Eddie Steklasa
BONO&CO North Carolina L. Powers
U2ZOOTV North Carolina Chris
A U2 Fan Ohio Tracy P.
U2FAN 1 Ohio Christine
U2 EDGE Ohio Carla
BONO GRL Ohio Rebekah Lipetz
BONO 10 Ohio Wendy
UII Ohio Carla Surace
BNO VOX Ontario, Canada Michelle
U2BROTHR Ontario, Canada Mark Baker
U2 BONO Ontario, Canada Caroline Macleod
BELA U2 Oregon N/A
LV BONO Oregon Melly
U2 FAN01 Pennsylvania ????
BELA U2 Pennsylvania Gina
U2 KITE Pennsylvania ????
U2WLKON Pennsylvania Camille
BONO ONE Pennsylvania Nancy
U2 FANS Pennsylvania Bill & Linda Miller
KISS2U2 Pennsylvania Nicole S.
POPMART Pennsylvania J. Reinhart
U2 CRUSR Pennsylvania Mike G
U2U2U2 Pennsylvania Angela
ZOOROPA Pennsylvania Bill
ZUROPA  Pennsylvania Jan
U2 GIRL Pennsylvania Paola P.
U2 POP Pennsylvania Stefanie H.
N2 U2 South Carolina Jill Parris
WDAWAKE Tennessee Michael Mitchell
U2ELEV8 Tennessee Amiee
4EVR U2 Texas Leah
BONOU2 Utah Alex Rodrizuez
U2 LOVR Utah Michelle
MCFISTO Utah Jason Gill
U2NUMB Utah ????
U II Utah Chad
BONO Utah Clayton
CRZY4U2 Utah Amy Reyonlds
U2Peace Utah Marianne
ONLYU2 Vermont Ben McCarty
BONOGRL Virginia Jen
THE EDGE Virginia Keith Perrin
RATL&HM Virginia James B
BU2FL DY Virginia Jennifer
EWE 2 Virginia ????
U2U2U2 Virginia Rachel Harper
HEWSON Virginia ????
2 EWE 2 Virginia Diane Dern
IMIN2U2 Virginia N/A
U2 BONO Virginia ????
U2 GRRL Virginia Anne
U2 KRAZY Virginia John Miller
U2FAN Virginia Deanna
U2GOD S Virginia Deserre Stukes
U2OPIA Virginia Marcella
U2YALL Virginia Kate
U2ZOO Virginia Michael Sherman
CATDUBH  Virginia  ???? 
CRZY4U2 Washington A. Maul
NO1U2FN Washington N/A
ATU2COM Washington Matt McGee
U2 GIRL West Virginia Kristina Norris
U2 FAN Wisconsin Chuck Zacharias
U2 INXS Wisconsin Susan
ZOO TV 8 Wisconsin ????
SMR WINE Wisconsin Kelly

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